About Us

Message of CEO
We endeavor to bring out the most talented brains of Pakistan. We generally needed to make a distinction in individuals’ lives through our energetic commitments. Our aim is to produce internationally qualified doctors to overcome the shortfall of skilled professionals in Pakistan in low expenses.
I have generally had faith in Allah’s unity and His messages have generally roused me. “Man gets whatever he strives for” has been my directing power. My genuine legend my father trained me to carry on with life of a lion and I followed his strides. I have a clear vision for the future, and that is to establish deep and on-going relationship with education providers across Pakistan and overseas, to achieve the mutual objectives of career mapping and student development. We are committed to the personal and professional development of individuals and profitability of our students. So I advise my valuable students that “learn your strengths and apply them, learn your weaknesses and overcome them”
Dr. Muhammad Sajjad CEO
Who we are?

Hussnain Education Consultants (PVT) LTD(HECT). is a private limited company registered under Companies Ordinance 1984. We are working in the field of foreign education consultancy since 2016. Our key focus is on Education in China,especially MBBS in China. The universities collaborated with us areworld’s top ranked universities having the position in category “A” of PMC. We also provide the consultancy to win fully/partially funded scholarships for Diploma, Engineering, Bachelors, Masters and PhD in reputed universities of China. Our aim is to produce internationally qualified doctors, toovercome the short fall of skilled professionals in Pakistan in low expenses.

HECT is a value-driven company with a passion for Pakistani students who will study abroad specially in China. Our main business is Foreign University’s application service for scholarships and self-financed programs. More than 400 Chinese Universities are on our panel and we have established cooperation with Beijing Chiwest Ltd (CUCAS INTERNATIONAL). Under this cooperation we have more than 3,000 partners in different countries around the world. Today, HECT is becoming the biggest platform for international students to apply for Chinese universities from Pakistan. More than 600 students apply for Chinese universities on scholarships and self-finance through HECT every year.

What we offer?
  1. MBBS in China
  2. MBBS in Kazakhstan
  3. MBBS in Tajikistan
  4. MBBS in Russia
  5. Bachelors Scholarships in China
  6. Masters Scholarships in China
  7. PhD Scholarships in China
  8. HSK Preparation
  9. IELTS Preparation
  10. Consultancy for Study Australia
  11. Consultancy for Study UK

HEST (Hussnain Education Scholarship Test)

In this regard we have launched 1000 Scholarships Program for Pakistani students. In first phase we had offered 200 scholarships for September intake 2021 for students of MBBS and Engineering through HEST (Hussnain Education Scholarship Test). Now the second phase for September Intake 2022 is running. The purpose of this test is to prepare the students for the new leaves of their lives and enable them to get opportunity for study abroad, so that they may initiate their journey with clear targets. For this purpose, brief interactive career- guideline seminars will also arranged countrywide to encourage the vast number of talented brains.
Hussnain Education Consultants endeavor to bring out the most talented brains of Pakistan. The specific objective of the 1000 Scholarships Program is to create a critical mass of highly qualified human resources in the fields of Medical and Engineering taught at the advanced level in Chinese Universities. These foreign qualified Doctors will improve the R&D potential of their field and it will also strengthen the local medical sector. Hussnain Education Consultants has kept a great emphasis on foreign scholarships program because foreign trained individuals brought new techniques and technologies. Their research, therefore, is expected to have direct relevance to the growth and socio-economic development of Pakistan.

We Do Our Best


Our Aim

Our aim is to produce internationally qualified doctors and to overcome the shortfall of skilled professionals in Pakistan in low expenses.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to find a faster, simpler and more econimical way for students applying to foreign universities. We believe in giving the best quality directing to our students and guide them to the most ideal pathway. These guiding principle are the foundation of our prosperity.



Mission We endeavor to bring out the most talented brains of Pakistan


CUCAS Pakistan

We offer under CUCAS Pakistan the complete application/admission services for Chinese Universities. Services we offer are;

  1. University application service
  2. Accommodation Booking Service
  3. Airport Pick-Up Service
  4. Money Transfer Service
  5. Senior Advisor Consulting
  6. Documents Translation
  7. International Air Ticket Booking

AI-HANKAO International Study & Exam Center:

AI-HANKAO is a joint venture between the Ministry of Education China, Advice International, and Chinese Testing Institute Official to make first-year language learning facilities accessible for all in their home country, at a much cheaper cost along with expert and class-leading teaching facilities that guarantees our pupil’s exceptional passing rates. In wake of China’s aggressive policy shifts to globally promote Chinese Language, It has become mandatory for students of all fields and courses to first pass their HSK (Chinese language) exams after a year of language studies before continuing on with their main courses, and that’s where we step in! Through our direct affiliations with multiple Govt. organizations along with the most reputable universities of China, we provide the same in Pakistan itself which ultimately reduces the cost and expenses for students and shelters them from many problems and scams first-year students face in China all while exceptionally equipping them to ace their respective HSK levels in pursuit of their ambitious dreams.